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Bathroom Surfaces

At CFM, we understand that the surfaces in your bathrooms need to not only be visually pleasing but also able to withstand lots of moisture and use. With our knowledge and abilities we can make sure that your bathroom surfaces are durable, functional, and beautiful.

Granite SinksThe application of bathroom countertops, bathtubs, shower walls, and floors can be done with a wide variety of materials. With stone you can choose a material that gives a warm and natural feel to any bathroom. Next we can install any drop-in sinks or under-mount sinks for bathroom countertops, add custom edges, and polish finish it for the cleanest and most functional surfaces of your bathroom.

The functionality does not have to interfere with the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Together we can assure that the bathroom has the look and comfort of even the nicest rooms in your home.

Corian Bathroom

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