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News 2007

October 20th, 2007
Tonawanda, NY- After a 40-hour week, working America looks forward to the weekend, a time when they can finally sit back and relax. For President Brent Nicholson and the team at Complete Fabrication & Machine, LLC, Saturday, October 20 will not be a day spent watching college football and relaxing. Instead, Brent and his team volunteered to work overtime, fabricating countertops and vanity tops for lower-income families during the second annual DuPont Day of Caring.

DuPont Day of Caring is a one-day, national event. Complete Fabrication & Machine, along with other DuPont Certified fabricators, will be volunteering their resources to fabricate countertops and vanity tops, made from solid surface material donated by DuPont. The countertops and vanity tops will then be distributed through The Storehouse of World Vision, a nonprofit organization that provides building supplies, school supplies and household items to improve the lives of low-income families.

"I am proud of my team for enthusiastically participating in this event for a second year," said Brent, President of CFM. "The DuPont Day of Caring event gives us a great opportunity to use our skill and our facility to give back to the community."

CFM will be joining DuPont Certified fabricators from across the country to collectively produce $2 million worth of countertops and vanity tops. CFM and its expert fabricators will have volunteered approximately $15,000 worth of wages and operational costs. Because of the enthusiasm shown by fabricators last year, this is the second DuPont Day of Caring. With continual support, DuPont hopes to make this an annual event.

Local residents are invited to stop by and support the CFM team at 95 Stark Road on Saturday, October 20. Refreshments including coffee and doughnuts will be served.

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