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Granite CounterGranite is naturally, heat, scratch, and once sealed, stain resistant, making it one of the most popular choices in countertops in today’s market.  Granite is a direct product of nature, and as a result no two stones are exactly alike. The individuality of granite means that every application is unique and naturally beautiful.

What is Granite
Granite is an igneous rock formed with a collision of elements and metamorphic rock, producing colorful and often vibrant stone deposits. Although most granite deposits are located deep in the Earth's crust, they are found in select mountains where the granite is mined. The stones are extracted into large, thin sheets. The sheets are then polished and ready for fabrication.

Granite Slab

What We Do
After Granite stones are mined they are purchased by CFM. Next, a customer selects the stone they would like to use for an application, and the rest is done by us.

After a customer has decided to use granite, we take a template of the table, countertop, furniture, or whatever surface you would like to fill. The template Granite Countertop and Sinksis then put into our CNC (Computer Numeric Control) at CFM's facility. This technology allows us to cut, finish, and add a custom edge to sheets of granite. Since this process has traditionally been done manually, our technology works much faster and more precisely.

The granite is next fitted to a sink if necessary, and sealed. Since granite is semi porous, it will need to be resealed over the years. For larger surfaces of granite, you can also expect a visible seam in your stone countertop. Although CFM works hard to disguise this seam, they are simply unavoidable.

The last step is installation. Simply put, we bring your granite to you and put it in place. By having CFM take care of this entire process we can be assured that your granite surface is in the best possible condition before it is used by the customer.

The Result
When all is said and done, the result will be natural, unique, and an entirely beautiful surface.

Granite Kitchen Countertop