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Visit Our  Showroom at 185 Creekside Dr, Amherst, NY
Beautiful, durable, and versatile by design


CFM's showroom is connected to our fabrication facility in North Tonawanda.

Our showrooms offers a display of the many stones and solid surfaces that CFM offers, as well as various design components that can be integrated into your project. Here we use examples of granite, quartz, and marble to show the versatility and beauty of our stone surfaces.

Granite Countertop

The surfaces at our showroom are displayed with sinks, with countertops, with backsplashes, and as tables. By doing this, the customer is readily able to see how these surfaces can be used in their own residential or commercial landscape.

The employees at our showroom will work with you to find the surface that is right for you. Our showroom employees are vastly knowledgeable about these surfaces and are willing to provide you with support, opinions, information, and can even give you quotes.

Granite Bathroom Countertop and Sink Granite Showroom Granite Showroom

Our showroom employees understand that, for most people construction or remodeling is a huge undertaking. Our goal is to make the customer feel as comfortable and knowledgeable as we are, so as to eventually install the perfect stone or solid surface.

It is highly recommended that anyone with an interest in, or looking to build or remodel with stone or solid surface, must stop in at one of our showrooms. If you would like directions, or be able to contact our showroom click here.

Granite Sample Shelves