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Our Facility

CFM offers a 10,000 square foot stone fabrication facility located in North Tonawanda, a suburb of Buffalo, NY.

CFM Stone Shop

CFM aims to make our work environments as clean, organized, and accessible as possible. Our finishing downdraft tables are equipped with high-powered exhausts to create a welcoming working environment by eliminating debris in the sanding stages and contributing to a virtually dust-free workspace. CFM's foremost concern is that our employees have a workspace that is healthy and safe at all times.

At our facilities CFM works with several different stones, including granite, quartz, and marble. Years of experience and growth means that we can tailor these surfaces into virtually any commercial or residential need you may have. Furthermore, the technology and methods we use at CFM allow our projects to be completed as quickly and cost effective as possible.

At CFM we use some of the most state of the art and unique technology available. By using modern technologies we are able to not only complete jobs quickly, but also more precisely than traditional methods. These are only some of the technology we use at CFM:

Yukon SawThe first piece of machinery is the Yukon Saw by Park Industries. This powerful, programmable brick saw operates as an enormous table saw for the cutting of some of nature's strongest stones. It's precise, efficient, computer-generated cutting at any angle makes it a versatile and useful machine. Getting our solid surfaces cut down to size quickly, means that we can spend more time on what is important: the look and feel.

The Wizard DeluxeNext we have The Wizard Deluxe by Park Industries. This piece of technology uses surface templates that we have taken from our customer, and have the machine router any desired edge into granite, quartz, or marble. By using The Wizard Deluxe we are able to put any desired edge into a surface, and leave only the cleanest and most polished edges possible. The result is that very flat solid surfaces now have a very smooth, comfortable look and feel.

Computer Numeric ControlLastly we use the CNC (Computer Numeric Control). This large piece of machinery is designed for the most precise finishing of stone products. Equipped with many different tools, the CNC is able to turn a simple sheet of stone into the dynamic surfaces used in homes and businesses. The CNC is a major contributor in our ability to cut time and cost in getting stone surfaces to our customers applications.

While these are only some of the technologies we use at CFM, it is clear that we have an interest in efficiency and precision. By bringing stones and solid surfaces into the modern era, we are able to make them better than ever before.